From the Field

Perspectives on Land

By Garrett Reagan, Outreach and Communications Intern McKenzie River Trust works at the intersection of people and place. Across the conservation sector, our collective understanding of exactly what that means

Poems for the Planet

Tim Giraudier – Beautiful Oregon Consolation Bob Bumstead The youthful creek collects her gleams a tap at a time. They rush from lip to pool playing an ouzel song for

Dearest McKenzie River

Just as the aging process has changed other friends of mine, and changed my own appearance, I know that some things will stay the same. Friends still have their quirky sense of humor, the memory of a shared event, the warmth of an old friend that cannot be replicated. And, unlike with people, eventually much of what you’ve lost in appearance will be replaced in some manner.

Giving Thanks for Land and Water

Students write in nature at Green Island The sun sets over Green Island in the fall The earth gives so much. From the cold waters that sustain our bodies, to

10 Backyard Birds to look for this Winter

Winter weather is on the way. The last leaves are falling from trees and the rains and winds that define Oregon weather have returned. As we hunker down for the

Art in Birds at Green Island

In the spring of 2021, local artists and bird enthusiasts Dennis Arendt and Shel Neal brought a little extra life to Tree Swallow bird boxes out at Green Island. Building on a decade long project to provide nesting habitat for this migratory bird, the 16 new painted boxes celebrate art and nature.

Long-Eared Owls Benefit from Conservation Efforts

Recently, McKenzie River Trust Board member, Bev Hollander, received a call from veterinarian, Ulrike Streicher, at Cascades Raptor Center wondering if McKenzie River Trust had any conservation properties in the