HabiChats! Beavers: The Ultimate Ecosystem Engineers
Brian Bangs, Aquatic Ecologist with USFWS

Thursday, April 15th 7pm-8pm

Beavers are simply fascinating and underappreciated.  Brian will share some basic beaver biology and describe how their dam-building and tree-felling influence ecological processes, and the role they play in Western Oregon.

Brian is an aquatic ecologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and works on beaver and a variety of nongame fish species across the state, including Borax Lake Chub, Hutton Tui Chub, and Foskett Speckled Dace. Brian recently shifted to federal employment after 15 years working with the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s Native Fish Investigations Program, where he focused on the research and conservation of Oregon Chub, as well as Pacific and brook lamprey, Sand Roller, great basin redband trout, and Alvord Chub.