Brandi Crawford Ferguson

AD of Philanthropy & McKenzie Community Liaison

Brandi has worked for the McKenzie River Trust since 2009. As a daughter of a logger and grand-daughter of a logger, Brandi is the third generation in her family working in natural resources in the McKenzie Valley. After a decade as a volunteer, planting native trees and shrubs helping to restore local streams, she was inspired to work in land conservation. When the Holiday Farm Fire on September 7, 2020 swept through the McKenzie Valley, her deep roots and the strong relationships she developed working for MRT, allowed her to help connect urgent needs on the upper McKenzie river, with resources in town. She continues to work alongside fire-affected community members, volunteers and watershed partner organizations, to help replant and rebuild a more resilient watershed and thriving community in the McKenzie Valley. In her free time, Brandi enjoys exploring her home watershed, backpacking, photography, fly fishing and kayaking – any excuse to be outdoors!