Exploring Connections – Winter Writers Series

A UO Student reflects on the natural world at Green Island in the fall

The land is full of stories. Since time before letters and alphabets, people have captured our connections to place through storytelling. We’ve gathered together in every culture spanning the globe to listen, celebrate and learn. Today, we find comfort in the words of poets, lyrics of musicians, and thoughtful reflections of writers who draw us in and imprint their unique reflections upon us.

This winter, we invite you to reflect on your connection with place and each other. This year’s winter writing prompt is “connection” and we look forward to hearing your own stories and reflections about what connection means for you.

Over the coming months, we invite you to explore the many ways you connect with lands, water, and people in western Oregon. Share your own poems, lyrics, or short stories with us through our easy online form below.

This collection of letters, poems, and stories may be shared publicly. You can opt out of having your story shared as a part of the larger project below.

Exploring Connections - Winter Writers Series Submission

UO students write in nature at Green Island in the fall