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Success at Green Island

1,000 acres restored to natural beauty.

A robust ecosystem comprised of a rich mosaic of historic habitat

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Restoring Floodplain Function at Finn Rock

In 2021, McKenzie River Trust and partners from the US Forest Service and McKenzie Watershed Council will begin an in-stream restoration project on the Elk Creek Channel which flows through the north-eastern part of the property. This work will be messy, but the outcomes will:

  • Increase wetland areas and aquatic habitat around the Elk Creek side-channel
  • Slow and spread water across the floodplain to improve habitat for juvenile Spring Chinook Salmon
  • Increase nesting habitat for Western Pond Turtles 
  • Address stream erosion issues and reconnect the Elk Creek channel to its historic floodplain, and,
  • Create space for water to move, mitigating against flood related issues

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We protect more than 6,000 acres for fish, wildlife, and water quality in Western Oregon. See where we work. 

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