Protecting Oregon's
Natural Lands

For Generations To Come

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We are Mckenzie
River Trust

We protect special lands, restore natural systems, and connect people to places they care about.

Success at Green Island

1,000 acres restored to natural beauty.

A robust ecosystem comprised of a rich mosaic of historic habitat

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Protected Lands

We protect more than 6,000 acres for fish, wildlife, and water quality in Western Oregon. See where we work. 

From the Field

Poems for the Planet

Tim Giraudier – Beautiful Oregon Consolation Bob Bumstead The youthful creek collects her gleams a tap at a time. They rush from lip to pool playing an ouzel song for

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Dearest McKenzie River

Just as the aging process has changed other friends of mine, and changed my own appearance, I know that some things will stay the same. Friends still have their quirky sense of humor, the memory of a shared event, the warmth of an old friend that cannot be replicated. And, unlike with people, eventually much of what you’ve lost in appearance will be replaced in some manner.

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