Making an Impact

Small steps make big differences

Your support is making a difference for the lands and waters of western oregon.

Total Acres Protected
Fee Title (owned) Acres
Conservation Easement Acres
Acres Rematriated to Local Tribes
Acres transferred to federal ownership
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Protecting Land, Together

McKenzie River Trust works with willing landowners to help protect and care for Oregon’s lands and rivers. As a local land trust, we offer several tools to help landowners protect their land from the Cascades to the Coast in Lane, Douglas, and Lincoln counties.

A Caring Community

Simply put, our volunteers are amazing. Each year, hundreds of community members like you join in to help protect and care for land and water from the Cascades to the Coast. Volunteers plant trees, remove invasive plant species, lead tours on protected lands, conduct species surveys, and more. Individuals, families, groups, and business groups are all welcome to volunteer!

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Investing in our Future

As a nonprofit organization, McKenzie River Trust relies on the generous support of members like you. Each year, nearly 2000 households across western Oregon make the incredible choice to invest in clean water, abundant fish and wildlife habitat, and thriving communities. We invite you to join us in the good work by becoming a member of McKenzie River Trust today.

Restoring Natural Systems

McKenzie River Trust cares deeply for the land, water, animals, and people in our communities. We take an innovative approach to restoration working with experts from across the field to design and implement large-scale projects that benefit fish and wildlife. From upland oak prairies to streams and coastal estuaries, we’re working to enhance habitat for Oregon’s threatened and endangered species.

Contractors work to remove water diversion infrastructure as Phase I of restoration wraps up in August 2021.

From the Field

News from the Field

Exploring Connections – Winter Writers Series

McKenzie River Trust is collecting love letters to the lands and rivers of Oregon. We invite you to join us in reflection and appreciation of all our natural world provides. From the mountains and coastlines, rivers and swamps, lands far away, and birds in the backyard, join us in honoring all that our natural world provides.

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