In Memory of Barry Lopez, 1945-2020

Barry Lopez at the McKenzie River, photo by Tim Giraudier/Beautiful Oregon

Barry Lopez made his home in the McKenzie Valley, upslope and in line of sight with the river. He wrote and spoke eloquently on behalf of the McKenzie River Trust and the broader efforts of caring for land, water, and people.

He was a dear friend and mentor, from whom we learned and with whom we could dream, plan, laugh, and cry. But he always circled back to whatever task was at hand- a piece to be written, logistics of an event, an interview on camera. “We’re here to work,” he’d remind us. A simple, powerful encouragement.

Barry passed away on December 25th, 2020, and we miss his presence, that incredible mind, and his deep spirit. But his example of caring, disciplined workmanship sustains us. As you grieve and celebrate his life, we hope you find strength in that invitation, wherever your home waters, to work on behalf of the land, the water, and each other.