Coyote Swamp


Size: 27.3
Acquired: 2009
Location: Long Tom Watershed
How it was Protected:

The Coyote Swamp Easement was purchased by McKenzie River Trust in 2009 utilizing funding from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). Funding was issued for this easement to improve upon the Coyote Creek conservation easement complex by increasing the area of waterfowl and wetland-dependent migratory bird habitat and maintaining habitat linkages.

Meet Coyote Swamp

Why It’s Important

The Coyote Swamp Conservation Easement protects 27.3 acres of forested wetlands and marsh along Coyote Creek. The property is located in the heart of an area where the McKenzie River Trust has supported Long Tom Watershed residents in permanently protecting hundreds of acres of privately owned land through the sale of Conservation Easements to the Trust.

Fish and wildlife on the property

The mix of riparian woodland forests, swampy wetlands, and river frontage on Coyote Creek provides diverse habitats for multiple plant and animal communities. Rare plants including Larkspur are found in wetland meadows in the area while birds, frogs, deer and more utilize the quiet space to call home. 

The neighborhood

The Long Tom Watershed Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Army Corps of Engineers all have a presence in the neighborhood. Partners helped identify the Coyote Swamp property as a conservation priority due to its high-quality wetland and riparian habitat. These long term partnership investments build a strong network of public and private conservation and restoration efforts.

Ownership in the area is a mix of public and private land, with federal agencies managing over 700 acres and private landowners committing to permanent land protection on 260 acres through easements held by McKenzie River Trust.