Creswell Butte


Size: 74
Acquired: 2003
Location: Coast Fork Willamette Watershed
How it was Protected:

Creswell Butte was purchased in 1995 by a local couple looking to protect its scenic value for the Creswell Community. In 2003, they donated a Conservation Easement to McKenzie River Trust, ensuring its permanent protection for generations to come.

Creswell Butte was purchased by the landowners to protect the area as a scenic resource, restore its native habitat, and eventually offer the property as a source for educational tours and endeavors. An easement with McKenzie River Trust allowed them to secure this long term vision through conservation.

Meet creswell butte

Why It’s Important

The  Creswell Butte Conservation Easement permanently protects nearly three-quarters of this iconic Butte just outside the City of Creswell. Dominated by mixed Oak and Conifer forests, the Butte offers scenic value to the Creswell community alongside a host of conservation values to native plants and animals. 

Conserving for Community

The owners of Creswell Butte care deeply for their community and the legacy of wild places and scenic views that Oregon provides. The Butte overlooks the town of Creswell, boasting a dense forest canopy with a mix of vegetative undergrowth. In 2003, the landowners donated an easement for the 74 acre area with the long term vision of the Butte continuing to offer scenic values to the town of Creswell and eventually becoming a place for education and gathering on the land. 

Restoration Potential

Creswell Butte offers an incredible opportunity for Oak Savanna restoration in the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed. Partners from the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council, the City of Creswell, and McKenzie River Trust are exploring long-term restoration and community engagement options for this iconic Butte.