Deadwood Creek


Size: 27.32
Acquired: January 2003
Location: Siuslaw Watershed
How it was Protected:

The Deadwood Creek Conservation Easement was donated by the landowners to McKenzie River Trust in 2003.

The Deadwood Creek Easement protects a section of critical salmon-bearing stream where beaver, bear, otter, and other iconic Pacific Northwest species make their home along the rivers edge.

Meet Deadwood Creek

Why It’s Important

The Deadwood Creek Conservation Easement protects 13 acres of forested streamside in the Siuslaw Watershed. The creek here provides important spawning and rearing grounds for Coho and Chinook Salmon. 

Habitat for Salmon

Deadwood Creek is home to native Chinook and Coho salmon, as well as numerous other aquatic species. Low gradient stream segments are important for these native species, and allowing the river to meander creates the complexity and diversity characteristic of Deadwood Creek. In 2002, the landowner, with the assistance of the US Forest Service, placed six large trees or parts of trees in the creek to improve fish habitat in this salmon-bearing stream.