Duncan Island


Size: 83
Acquired: 2009
How it was Protected:

The Property is identified in the Siuslaw National Forest’s Management Plan as being located in a
key watershed to be managed consistent with maintaining high water quality, high levels of large
wood available to an active floodplain, and a closed forest canopy consistent with the life cycle
needs of listed and threatened species. It is also noted as a high priority for conservation and
restoration in the 2005 Tidal Wetland Prioritization for the Siuslaw River Estuary.

Protecting the estuary from pollutants and physical damage is essential to ensuring the health of
the fish and invertebrates that inhabit the estuary and the birds and mammals that feed on them.
Protecting water quality is also an important part of conserving the significant recreational
fisheries for which the estuary is highly valued.

The Property contains approximately 12 acres of mature spruce forest dominated by spruce, hemlock and Douglas fir, which provide shading for aquatic species, refuge for terrestrial species, and woody material for the river system.

The property also contains approximately 37 acres of significant tidally influenced estuarine wetlands as well as approximately 8 acres of lowland non-linear forested wetlands that can provide nesting, feeding, and nursery areas for a diverse array of at-risk fish and wildlife species, such as coho salmon, bald eagle, and green sturgeon.