Fawn Creek


Size: 80
Acquired: November, 2005
How it was Protected:

Fawn creek was protected through a conservation easement with McKenzie River Trust in 2005. The easement protects high-quality forest and stream habitat, supporting an array of iconic Pacific Northwest species.

"The landowners wanted to protect this beautiful area to see the property mature into a stable, diverse refuge for wildlife."

Meet Fawn Creek

Why It’s Important

Situated along the banks of Deadwood Creek, this 80-acre property is densely forested with a variety of deciduous and coniferous tress, some up to 100 years old.  Deadwood Creek itself provides excellent habitat for Coho and Chinook salmon, as well as steelhead and other species. Wildlife sightings on the easement area include spotted owl, marbled murrelet, bald eagle, Roosevelt elk, and numerous amphibians.

Protecting Special Places

The landowners granted McKenzie River Trust the conservation easement in November 2005 because they wanted to protect this beautiful area. Through protection, the landowners will see the property mature into a stable, diverse refuge for wildlife, allowing the forest to reach a climax condition suitable for coastal rainforests. This conservation action preserves critical habitat along  Deadwood Creek. Through the foresight of the landowners, this area will continue to support a large number of spawning salmon for decades to come.