Rimrock Ranch


Size: 1,123
Acquired: April 2020
How it was Protected:

Protecting this property is a partnership with the Deschutes Land Trust (DLT). DLT has worked with the previous landowners since 2003 and in 2020 was able to purchase the land as part of a long term vision of its protection and stewardship. In 2021, a wet plains restoration project will begin on the land to improve habitat conditions for wildlife.

Rim Rock Ranch is not open to the public but is available for tours through DLT’s Walk + Hike program. The Land Trust will resume tours once pandemic conditions improve.

Rimrock Ranch protects:
o 1.7 miles of Whychus Creek
o Rugged canyons, pine and juniper forests, and native grasslands
o Habitat for reintroduced Chinook salmon and steelhead, elk, mule deer, golden eagles and songbirds
o Land that will be an important refuge for humans and nature in the face of a changing climate.


To learn more, visit https://www.deschuteslandtrust.org/protected-lands/other-conserved-lands/rimrock-ranch