Skookumchuck Wild Ale Available Now

Skookumchuck Wild Ale, Oakshire’s third beer brewed to celebrate The Eugene Water and Electric Board’s Centennial year of service is on sale now. Proceeds from the beer benefit the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area. (Please note: as of February, 2012, Skookumchuck Wild Ale is SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who purchased bottles of this very special beer.)

The Berggren Watershed Conservation Area is a 92-acre property on the Lower McKenzie River purchased and protected by the McKenzie River Trust in 2010. The property is the site of a developing Demonstration Farm which will showcase sustainable techniques for farming in an active floodplain, while integrating educational opportunities and native habitat restoration. The links between local foods and watershed protection on this property motivated Oakshire to invest proceeds from the sales of three beers.

Skookumchuck Wild Ale celebrates 100 years of EWEB’s work to deliver clean water from the McKenzie River to Eugene and Springfield. The McKenzie is one of the cleanest rivers in the nation, and water from the river is the #1 ingredient in Oakshire’s beer. Skookumchuck means “powerful water” in Chinook. The name was selected by EWEB employees.

Skookumchuck Wild Ale is the first of Oakshire’s new “Brewers Reserve Series Beers,” beers in very small quantities, matured with love in wine barrels. This blend of three different beers from 5 different barrels will only be available from Oakshire’s sales dock. This delicious beer makes a great gift, so consider it for the holidays!

Skookumchuck Wild Ale tasting and Brewery Tour

Thursday, December 8th from 5:30 to 7pm

Oakshire Brewing Co., 1055 Madera St in Eugene

Sample Skookumchuck Wild Ale with the McKenzie River Trust! Pick up a case or a bottle of the beer that benefits the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area. You can also tour the Oakshire Brewing Co. facilities and meet brewmaster Matt Van Wyk at this special event. All are welcome!