Staying Connected During Physical Distancing

McKenzie River Trust Board Member Bev Hollander shared her thoughts on connection during a time of social-distancing.


One way to look at the COVID-19, known as coronavirus, is to see how connected we are world-wide. Yet the irony of things right now is while in the midst of this pandemic, the best advice to protect yourself is to practice “social distancing.” I agree with this advice – it is logical, sound and reassuring – and also believe it will flatten the curve in order to slow down the spread of this virus and prevent a serious breakdown of our health care system. 

Contemplating how to stay connected while we work to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Photo credit: Tim Giraudier

I still think about how connected we all are and wonder how best to maintain that connection while basically quarantining myself. For me, the best and most effective thing I can do is connect with the land. McKenzie River Trust uses that phrase often, it is woven into our work. It’s the title of our events calendar and what we hope to offer towards that connection for you. Right now we are reflecting on the connections we have built in the last 30 years, and how we might support them at a time of distancing and slowing down.

You certainly can remain connected to friends and family via technology.

Some additional ideas for you: Connect (or re-connect) with the earth.  Spend time outdoors in nature. If you go hiking with others, make sure to avoid direct contact with each other. Speaking as a retired RN, breathing the clean moist air outside to help boost your immune system. Spend 20 minutes or so, when the sun shines, and bathe your bare skin in it – face and hands at a minimum.  Vitamin D production is enhanced which also helps your immune system. In addition, being outdoors can help you relax and reduce stress. Too much stress really compromises your immune system.

Finding sunshine is a healthy way to reduce stress while limiting your contact with other people.

Reduce your time listening or reading about the news. I sure get stressed and anxious when I learn too much.  And then separating fact from fiction is a challenge. I suggest getting your corona virus info from the CDC, WHO and local government. 

Turn on some music and Dance!  Meditate and connect with your Self. Binge watch your favorite show.  Exercise. Do jigsaw puzzles. Play cards or some board games. Eat well and also rest well. Laugh a lot.  Reach out to someone to whom you haven’t connected in a while. All of the above will assist you in maintaining strong immunity as well as providing pleasure.

Stay Connected. You can stay connected to us on social media and through email. Reach out, let us know how we can help.