The Magic of Being Dirt

Joy Sisto

You are the dirt that nourishes the tree.
So, it’s grateful for all your life giving,
and your consciousness to nourish you,
united to love with the best you can be.

The tree returns the love in roots and air,
refreshing you within to freely breathe,
and have a solid foundation to grow,
connecting life together with great care.

With joy inside its rings, the tree smiles,
as it feels your joining it in loving life,
and savoring the goodness of all that is,
feeling renewed to be savored a while.

As you love you, to love life around you,
you become fertile in abundant good,
much like the fire created by dry wood,
sifting out the old to add new joy, too.

The warm sun brings you to a rise
as the life within your dirt tickles you,
and your reminded in the moment,
the true value of your worth inside.

You are more than dirt, and a giver,
for your value is in how you receive,
so that what you give multiplies more,
for the richness in every forgiver.

You have great purpose in the ground,
and all life flows thru you as you give,
while nature urges you to open and see,
for all lives are connected and bound.

Being in unison with the living towers,
and their great foundation of support,
your ongoing cycle of life is to love,
and make good use of your daily hours.

So much matters in life and needs you,
You are the dirt that life feeds upon,
receiving more gifts in each new dawn,
to bring out the best in all that you do.

As you feel the magnificent wise tree,
solidly atop of all your inner strength,
you are the foundation to hold it up,
and in turn you expand and are free.

Oh, what comforting dirt you are,
so mindful of making such a difference,
earthy, grounded, and in balance,
as your warmth spreads so long and far.

Beautiful dirt, thank you for being true,
for the tree and creatures all around,
stand tall, wave, scamper, and flitter,
applauding in celebration of love in you.

The Mighty Old lives inside of you,
firmly planted with nowhere to turn,
always trusting you that all is well,
and is proud of all the good you do.

This Old Tree is vibrant and strong,
and like the amazing dirt that you are,
empowers itself, you, and all other life,
with resilient fervor all the day long.

The inspiration of the dirt that is you,
looks up to the light of the fireflies,
and to the light of the stars and the moon,
as nature calls in the wind

“I Love You.”

Oh, thank you, kind dirt.