HabiChats! Fish Recovery and Recent Delistings under the Federal ESA in Oregon


There are 1,600 species listed under the endangered species act, and 160 of those are fish. Four fish have been removed from the endangered species list, and remarkably all occur in Oregon. Fish biologist, Brian Bangs will share how we set these species up for long-term success, and how organizations like McKenzie River Trust play a role in this collaborative effort.

SPEAKER BIO:  Brian is a fish biologist with Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s Native Fish Investigations Program for over 15 years, and for the past two years has been working part-time as a contract employee for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Much of Brian’s focus with ODFW has been the research and conservation of Oregon’s resident non-game fish species, primarily Oregon Chub, as well as Pacific and brook lamprey, Sand Roller, great basin redband trout, and Alvord Chub.  With the USFWS, Brian works on a number of aquatic species across the state, including beaver, Hutton Tui Chub, Foskett Speckled Dace, and Borax Lake Chub.