Come together for readings and an online conversation with writer Rebecca Solnit for the third annual Upstream: Conversations Between People and Rivers. Following a year of tumultuous social, political and climatic events, fundamental questions are being reconfigured about our histories, our home lands, and how we can more responsibly inhabit a place together. Solnit’s wide-ranging reflections and clear-eyed insights offer the space and the language for considering how people shape and are shaped by land, how they support each other and recover from times of trauma, and why compassion for each other in this work is fundamental.


Tickets: $12 Adults / $5 Students / $5 Seniors
Proceeds benefit the McKenzie River Trust

“Solnit argues that disasters are opportunities as well as oppressions, each one a summons
to rediscover the powerful engagement and joy of genuine altruism, civic life, grassroots
community, and meaningful work.” —San Francisco Chronicle