From the Field

McKenzie River Cleanup

July 9, 2011 9am to 2pm The McKenzie River Guides Association, the McKenzie Flyfishers and the McKenzie Watershed Council are sponsoring the annual McKenzie River

Naturalist Tour of Green Island

Sunday, June 12 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. “Wick-y wick-y wick…tsweeeet tsweeeet!” Do you hear the calling of early summer in the air? It doesn’t


By Tom Titus

Shortly after entering this canyon cut deep into the heart of the Oregon Coast Range, I stopped to stare back toward the gap through which I had entered. The December sky was finally exhausted. Her gray travel-worn cloak snagged on the teeth of a conifer ridge.

Singing Back

By Carter McKenzie
from beneath the ground

roots and quartz


water carrying

all it knows
from the mountains

Our Psychic Maps

By Paul Dage
Frogs. In some very comforting way, they haunt me. Their throaty songs still croak from out of a distant yet familiar past, reminding me of youthful days when Popsicles, bubble gum and mischief were the dandy wonders that lured me, a tow-headed boy, from one carefree summer’s day to the next.


By Charlie Quinn
My mother used to dig small pits in the sand of ‘Ewa Beach while I was still in her belly – the only way she could lie on her stomach during the last few months of her pregnancy.