From the Field

Member Spotlight: SheerID

The Shire for the River campaign is on from October 16-26, 2018! Your gift goes twice as far with over $12,000 available in matching funds from local tech businesses. Every

Member Spotlight: Concentric Sky

The Shire for the River campaign is on from October 16-26, 2018 with a goal to raise $20,000 for the lands and rivers of western Oregon! Every day, we will

Community Conservation

With your support, we’re connecting people to place, and people to people at Finn Rock Reach For the McKenzie River community, Finn Rock Reach provides more than a critical habitat;

So Just What is a Land Trust Anyway?

As we gear up for Get Outdoors Day alongside 12 other land trusts across Oregon, we are starting to hear a question repeated over and over. What’s a land trust?

Invisible Rivers

Protecting floodplain lands means the important zones around rivers are conserved, too.

Cerro Gordo Protected

“Do what’s right for the land.” It’s an ethos that the people who have lived at Cerro Gordo have taken to heart. Today, thanks to their foresight and dedication, glimmering

Sharing Finn Rock Reach

Exploring New Opportunities for Recreation In addition to rare species like turtles and salmon, Finn Rock Reach includes the popular Finn Rock Boat Landing. Throughout our first year of ownership